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Prevnar Pricing Update

Prevnar Pricing Update

Pfizer has recently announced that beginning January 1, 2022, PAA members can receive up to a 5% vaccine discount and a 2% prompt pay discount for both Prevnar 13 (Pediatric) and Prevnar 20 (Adult).*

We are also passing along early information about Prevnar’s price increase in January. List prices on Prevnar 13 and Prevnar 20 will change on January 1. For a limited time, members will be able to buy at the pre-increase list prices. All applicable discounts are applied to the new list price effective Jan 1, 2022. This Limited Time Discount will run from Jan. 1, 2022 through Feb. 23, 2022.

In addition, Pfizer has provided information on a Prevnar Adult Temporary Inventory Returns Program for PAA Members who may expect to no longer have a use for their existing Prevnar 13 inventory. This program is available December 15, 2021 through February 28, 2022.

NOTE: To be eligible for these discounts you need to be enrolled in our Prevnar discount program through Pfizer’s Contract Membership Portal. If you are not already enrolled in our Prevnar discount program, please log in to reference the Enrollment Steps or contact us for help with the enrollment process.

Members already participating in the Prevnar discount program do not need to re-enroll to access Prevnar 20 discounts. If you are not registered and would like to sign up, please log in to see the instructions.