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The Liletta IUD savings received through our partnership with PAA allows us to provide our patients with one of the best contraceptive options available, while maintaining a profit for our practice. Because of these reasons, Ogeechee OB-GYN uses Liletta as our preferred hormonal IUD. The excellent pricing and purchasing opportunity through PAA is something we've never seen in the IUD market. Therefore, we feel very confident sharing our positive experience with other practices in the OBGYN community. Clinically, our patients are very happy with Liletta, 52mg Levonorgestrel IUD.

Benjamin Oldham, MD, FACOG, Ogeechee OB-GYN
Statesboro, GA

Physicians’ Alliance is especially helpful to a small solo practice without a lot of marketing clout to negotiate vaccine prices.

William Stiefel III, MD, Pediatrician

You're doing a great job of helping to make IUDs affordable!

Eileen Gibbons, MD, Seattle Medical and Wellness Clinic

We've been members of Physicians' Alliance of America for years. No gimmicks, no tricks; free to sign up and compare pricing/services. Definitely check them out.

Casey Crotty, Chief Executive Officer
San Juan IPA and Affiliates

We recently joined Physicians' Alliance of America and have found concrete value in our membership within the first 30 days. We've successfully negotiated preferential rates for three key cost items: linens, postage, and office supplies. And to be honest, our rates were well negotiated and good to begin with. We're in the process of reviewing all of our major vendors with confidence that we will continue to be able to save money and lower our operating costs. I highly recommend Physicians' Alliance of America

Debra Rosenberg, CEO
Atlanta Southeast Center for Epilepsy & Neurodevelopment, P.C.

We have tried several merchant processing companies and it is with great pleasure that I would recommend CardConnect. Our account manager, Lori Sewell, is courteous, accountable, and patient and has made the process relatively smooth for us. With a busy practice to run, it is important to work with companies that provide good customer service and client-friendly care. CardConnect is such a company that helps with not only cost-savings from the rates, but also in time-savings trying to navigate through the tricky merchant processing world.

Jackie Sim, Practice Manager/Administrator
Sim Family Clinic

We’re always pleased to get the rebate especially because vaccines are such a huge expense to the practice. Thank you very much!

Lynne Miller, Office Manager
Robert E. Miller, MD, FAAP, PA

I get great discounts!

William Moneit, MD
Crescent Pediatrics

We've been able to maximize our savings on GSK vaccines via the rebate program. Also by being a part of a buying group we are eligible for preferred pricing for office items in addition to vaccines.

Sue Anne Podaski, Clinical Supervisor
Charter Oak Walk-In

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Veracity Payment Solutions for anyone looking for a new merchant services provider. Lori Sewell was our representative through Physicians' Alliance and she helped untangled the confusing terms and regulations of the credit card industry. Lori displayed a high degree of patience, integrity, and professional knowledge in reviewing what her company could provide for our business. In fact, she had shown that we would be saving 12.8% by switching to Veracity but within 6 months we have had even a greater percentage of savings than promised. She has always been available when I needed her and gave us several options to work with. I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.

Sherry Green, Purchasing Director
St. Luke Medical Center

Over and over Physicians' Alliance has helped us keep money in our practice. The vaccine contracts are wonderful but the contacts and connections with other areas make me think about ways to save that never occurred to me. Right now we are working with Capstone to help us plan our future. They can help us plan to use those funds that PAA saves us!

Sandy Farrell, Office Manager
Alpharetta Pediatrics

Our professional association with Physicians' Alliance of America has proved to be one of our best business decisions year after year. The staff make themselves readily available. They inform their members of new trends in the medical/surgical office. Our relationship with PAA has been valuable to this practice.

Maggie Peters, Administrator
Cobb Pediatric Associates, PC

PAA has shown its value...

Michael J. Kinstler, MD, President
Quality Care Providers, Inc.

The plan content is professional. The staff experienced and well informed...we realized savings from the first order we placed with PAA vendors

Jan Chadwick, Practice Manager
Primary Care Partners

We have saved a significant amount on our supplies and injectables for years and we receive superior service from our business partners.

Nancy Babbitt, FACMPE
Roswell Pediatric Center

I recommend the Alliance to my business associates all the time...

Maureen Carpenter, Office Manager
Georgia Plastic Surgery

Because of the significant discounts negotiated by PAA, we have realized cost containment, cost reduction and increased margins...

Steve Gerson, CFO
Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, LLC

Just wanted to pass along to you what a GREAT job ANDA in general and our rep Todd, specifically do for us. He calls me with promotions, checks up on us for injected meds and vaccines, and when I commented in passing that we were barely breaking even on a particularly high use test at the price we were paying, he came up with a better price and next day delivery.

Jann Van Hattum, Practice Manager
Faull S Trover, MD

I'm not sure I understand why anyone would not be a member of Physicians Alliance?

Jann Van Hattum, Office Manager
Faull Trover, M.D.

I have found all of my expectations met or exceeded with ANDA. I have found (ANDA) to be invaluable in helping Riverwood keep their operational costs down.

Terri Nixon, RN Clinical Supervisor
Riverwood Medical Associates, PA

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